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Perform the Tasks of 10,000 Employees at Zero Cost:

How AI Automation is the Ultimate Solution!

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How AI Automation is the Ultimate Solution!
Businesses today face relentless pressure to maximize efficiency and cut costs. Yet having a large workforce is essential for handling the myriad of tasks needed to operate successfully. The result? Many companies feel trapped, forced to choose between bloated payrolls and underperformance.
But what if you could have the best of both worlds? What if you could perform the tasks of 10,000 employees without adding a single name to the payroll?
This is exactly what our cutting-edge AI automation solutions enable for enterprises worldwide. We are pioneers in leveraging intelligent algorithms to replicate human capabilities and complete tasks without human effort.
With our AI automation, you can effectively clone your best workers 10,000 times over—instantly multiplying your productivity and capabilities at zero additional labor cost.
The outcomes achievable with our AI automation platform are astounding:
  1. Operate with the productivity of 10,000 employees while maintaining lean staffing levels
  2. Reduce payroll expenses by 80% or more by automating tasks previously requiring human effort
  3. Accelerate growth and scale by handling rapidly expanding workloads with AI instead of additional hiring
  4. Gain a competitive advantage through streamlined operations, lower costs, and the ability to grow without workforce limitations
  5. Free up capital and resources to invest in high-impact areas by eliminating redundant human roles
  6. Empower your staff to focus on critical responsibilities and innovations versus repetitive tasks
On this services page, we will reveal how our AI solutions can help you achieve these incredible outcomes. You’ll discover real-world examples of companies that partnered with us to transform their operations, as well as actionable recommendations tailored to your unique needs.
Whether you want to operate with the productivity of an army of workers or liberate your staff from monotonous work, our AI automation solutions will empower your organization to reach new heights.
Why AI Automation is the Ultimate Solution
Overview: Why AI Automation is the Ultimate Solution
Before exploring specific solutions, let’s examine why AI automation is uniquely poised to help businesses perform the tasks of 10,000 employees at zero added cost.
Reasons this problem arises include:
  1. Need to scale operations without a proportional increase in payroll expenses
  2. Seasonal spikes in workload that require temporary staffing boosts
  3. Limits on capital available to hire more employees
  4. Inability to find enough qualified candidates to fill open positions
  5. Pressures to keep staff lean and overhead low
The result is that companies end up either understaffed or overleveraged. But neither option is sustainable for long-term success.
The Outcomes
Being understaffed for your workload has cascading negative effects:
  1. Declines in productivity as your workforce struggles with excess responsibilities
  2. Bottlenecks and delays from lack of enough staff to complete all tasks
  3. Defects and mistakes as workers are rushed and overburdened
  4. Poor customer experiences from long response times and limited support
  5. Employee frustration and turnover from being asked to do too much
Conversely, having an oversized workforce creates its own problems:
  1. Soaring payroll expenses that eat into profits and capital reserves
  2. Waste and inefficiency from having excess employees with idle time
  3. Scalability ceilings as expanding your workforce indefinitely is impractical
  4. Organizational drag from communication barriers and coordination difficulties
In essence, companies end up stuck between a rock and a hard place. You need enough capable workers to operate optimally…but employing more people has its own downsides.
The Bleeding Impact of a 10,000 Person Workforce
A workforce of 10,000 employees provides tremendous operational capacity. But the financial burdens are immense.
  1. With average US salaries, 10,000 workers cost over $500 million in annual wages alone. This staggering expense cripples bottom lines and drastically reduces profitability.
  2. A 10,000-person workforce also accrues over $100 million per year in additional employer costs like benefits, payroll taxes, and insurance.
  3. In total, a workforce this size easily costs well over $600 million annually – and often much more when accounting for training, onboarding, management overhead, facilities, equipment, etc.
These monumental costs force companies into an unwinnable position. Laying off workers causes declines in production and service quality. But retaining a massive workforce leads to untenable financial burdens.
Our AI automation solutions completely eliminate this dilemma…
The Solution: Leveraging the Power of AI
This is where AI automation presents a game-changing solution.
Instead of hiring and managing more workers, we can clone your top talent with intelligent algorithms.
This allows you to:
  1. Match workloads by instantly scaling productivity to any level needed
  2. Control costs since AI automation has zero incremental payrolls costs
  3. Drive growth unhindered by expanding capabilities via AI versus human roles
  4. Prevent bottlenecks by handling any workload volumes without staffing limits
  5. Empower innovation as staff focus on high-value activities versus repetitive work
In short, AI automation delivers the benefits of a 10,000-person workforce without the impracticalities of managing an enterprise of that scale.
Key Benefits of Our AI Automation Solutions
Here are just some of the monumental advantages enabled by our AI automation platform:
Boundless Scalability
  1. Scale productivity and capabilities to match any workload, no matter how large or complex
  2. Handle seasonal spikes in demand without scrambling to staff up
  3. Pursue aggressive growth trajectories without workforce impediments
  4. Complete an unlimited volume of tasks with instant ROI versus human hiring
Significant Cost Savings
  1. Reduce payroll expenses by 80% or more by minimizing human roles
  2. Eliminate costs associated with staffing, training, managing large teams
  3. Gain a competitive edge from lower operational costs and higher profitability
  4. Free up capital to invest in growth, innovation and other priorities
Optimized Efficiency
  1. Operate around the clock without shift changes or restarting
  2. Maintain consistent speed and accuracy over unlimited durations
  3. Multitask across dozens of responsibilities without distraction
  4. Avoid productivity lapses from fatigue, errors, or other human factors
Instant Expertise
  1. Gain skills of seasoned professionals without years of training
  2. Quickly embed specialized expertise not available within staff
  3. Scale rare competencies across the enterprise in an instant
  4. Continuously expand capabilities by adding new algorithms
Boosted Quality
  1. Minimize errors, defects, and inconsistencies in output
  2. Adhere to protocols, workflows and regulations flawlessly
  3. Make data-based decisions vs. gut instincts for improved outcomes
  4. Provide uniform customer experiences unaffected by employee moods
In total, AI automation amplifies the productivity of your workforce exponentially while optimizing speed, costs, consistency, expertise, and more.
Now let’s explore specific solutions capable of delivering these incredible benefits.
AI Automation Solutions To Perform
The Tasks of 10,000 Employees
AI Automation Solutions To Perform
The Tasks of 10,000 Employees
Our platform offers AI automation capabilities across every function and responsibility within an enterprise.
Below we reveal solutions tailored to key business needs and roles. Each can scale to handle workloads requiring even 10,000 human employees.
Customer Service and Support
Delivering excellent customer experiences is vital for growth and loyalty. Yet quality service relies on having enough staff to handle inquiries, troubleshoot problems, and process requests.
With our AI-powered customer service automation, you can:
  1. Manage call volumes equivalent to 10,000 support reps – Queue calls and assign to AI agents for an instant, unlimited capacity
  2. Resolve repetitive inquiries in seconds – AI chatbots access knowledge bases to address common issues
  3. Understand unique customer issues – Natural language processing analyzes free-form input to determine optimal solutions
  4. Provide personalized recommendations – Retrieve customer histories and make data-based suggestions
  5. Operate 24/7 customer support – AI agents work around the clock without breaks or exhaustion
  6. Boost CSAT by 5X – Consistent, accurate AI interactions increase satisfaction
With these solutions, you can deliver white glove service at an unprecedented scale. Customer issues are resolved rapidly without hold times or agents lacking context. The result is higher satisfaction, brand loyalty, and referrals.
Sales and Lead Management
Closing sales and nurturing leads quickly is vital for revenue and growth. But doing so manually requires large, skilled teams constantly following up with prospects.
Our AI sales automation enables you to:
  1. Manage lead volumes equal to 10,000 sales reps – Identify and engage every promising lead without gaps
  2. Send personalized outreach 24/7 – AI conducts workflows from initial contact through follow-ups
  3. Track prospect behaviors and trends – Adapt messaging using real-time interaction data
  4. Qualify leads intelligently – AI assesses attributes to determine sales readiness
  5. Coordinate sales hand-offs – Machine learning detects when to switch reps or escalate
This automation acts as a tireless, data-driven sales force operating at peak performance continuously. No opportunities slip through the cracks. Leads get customized messaging that evolves strategically. The result is converting more prospects into loyal customers.
Business Intelligence and Data Analytics
Making strategic decisions relies on gathering, analyzing, and interpreting large volumes of data. But having analysts available to do this work limits the insights produced.
With our AI business intelligence solutions, organizations can:
  1. Perform the work of 10,000 analysts – AI crunches data and detects patterns at a machine scale
  2. Automate data wrangling and processing – Algorithms clean and normalize unstructured data into a usable form
  3. Surface insights instantly from vast data – Machine learning models uncover hidden correlations and trends
  4. Continuously monitor KPIs – Data dashboards flag deviations from goals in real-time
  5. Generate predictive analytics – Systems forecast outcomes, detect risks, and prescribe actions
This enables a massively accelerated, scalable analytics function to drive strategic planning. Decision-makers gain an information advantage from machine-scale data processing at their fingertips.
Back Office Operations
Repetitive administrative tasks like processing claims, cataloging files or handling invoices slow operations and distract workers. But backlogs pile up without enough staff.
Our platform allows organizations to:
  1. Perform the work of 10,000 clerks and admins – Automate data entry, records management, claims processing, and more
  2. Digitize and extract data from forms and documents instantly with AI
  3. Manage workflows from end-to-end – Keep processes moving smoothly without bottlenecks
  4. Ensure data quality – Identify discrepancies in real-time to prevent downstream issues
  5. Operate 24/7 – AI handles high-volume workloads without breaks, overtime, or staffing churn
This enables optimizing back offices with round-the-clock productivity. Work is handled quickly and accurately so employees can focus on high-value tasks.
Facilities and Infrastructure Management
Maintaining infrastructure, safety, and regulatory compliance requires extensive monitoring and fast issue resolution. But staffing limitations leave gaps in oversight.
Our automation enables:
  1. Oversight capabilities of 10,000 managers – AI coordinators handle complex interdependent tasks spanning facilities and supply chains
  2. Proactive issue detection – Algorithms flag anomalies predictive of equipment failures or problems
  3. Expert-level regulatory adherence – AI masters vast rulebooks and reliably follows protocols
  4. Predictive maintenance programs – Machine learning diagnoses problems prior to downtime
  5. Environmental impact tracking – Continuously aggregate sustainability metrics from IoT sensors
This results in maximized uptime, safety, and efficiency. Problems are preempted before causing outages. Compliance is automated and audit-proof. Infrastructure operates smoothly day and night with AI oversight.
Additional Solutions Tailored To Your Needs
Additional Solutions Tailored To Your Needs
The applications of our AI automation are endless. Beyond the solutions outlined above, we offer custom implementations tailored to your unique operational needs.
Some additional capabilities our platform can deliver include:
  1. Automating supply chain coordination and logistics
  2. Optimizing manufacturing quality control and assembly
  3. Streamlining HR functions like payroll, onboarding and benefits management
  4. Providing IT helpdesk support and cybersecurity monitoring
  5. Assisting legal teams with contract review and document discovery
  6. Handling accounts payable/receivable workflows and reconciliations
  7. Automating media buying, keyword research, and campaign optimization
  8. Personalizing learning in education and L&D programs
  9. Drafting content, analyzing data, completing other knowledge work
If your organization has operational areas that require expanded capacity, accuracy, or speed, our AI solutions can help. Our team will collaborate closely with you to map out current workflows, identify improvement opportunities, and build automation tailored to your needs.
The only limit is your imagination. Any repetitive, rules-based process is a candidate for automation. Together, we can build AI workers that perform the tasks of 10,000 human employees in departments company-wide.
How We Help You Achieve These Transformational Outcomes
How We Help You Achieve These
Transformational Outcomes
Delivering the operational productivity of 10,000 workers through AI automation requires the right strategy and expertise. Here is how we empower your success:
  1.  Comprehensive Operational Analysis: First, our team will conduct an in-depth analysis of your existing workflows, pain points, and areas primed for automation. This gives us a clear understanding of priorities for maximizing efficiency.
  2. Solution Architecture and Development: Next, our engineers will design and develop a customized AI automation solution tailored to your needs. We handle data integration, building machine learning models, creating management interfaces, and more.
  3. Seamless Deployment: Once complete, we will seamlessly deploy the AI automation into your existing infrastructure without disrupting operations. We handle all integration and change management.
  4. Ongoing Management and Optimization: Finally, we provide ongoing hosting, monitoring and support to ensure your AI solution remains optimized. As needs evolve, we can quickly retrain algorithms, tweak configurations, and expand capabilities.
Our full-service approach allows us to deliver AI workers that feel like natural extensions of your team. We seamlessly embed them within your environment and workflows, then provide the tools and expertise needed to maximize their productivity.
The outcome is AI automation that works for you, not the other way around. We handle all complex components, so your organization simply enjoys the benefits.
Client Success Stories
Automotive Manufacturer Cuts
Costs by 78% While Doubling Production
  1. Situation: A midsize automotive parts supplier struggled with limited capacity in their machining and assembly lines. They lacked the capital and physical space to double their workforce.
  2. Our AI Automation Solution: We deployed robotic process automation to take over repetitive steps in the production process. The RPA bots operated tirelessly without supervision to automate mundane tasks.
  3. Results: Within 3 months, the supplier doubled production output using the same number of human workers by leveraging the AI bots. Their profit margins improved by 78% with no added labor costs.
E-Commerce Company Scales Order Processing
10X During Holiday Spikes
  1. Situation: A fast-growing e-commerce company saw order volumes spike by 9X during holidays. Backlogs piled up, shipments were delayed, and customers were frustrated.
  2. Our AI Automation Solution: We quickly developed and deployed AI software bots to help scale order processing massively. The bots worked 24/7 to pick, pack, and ship orders accurately at high speed.
  3. Results: During the next holiday surge, the bots processed 10X the orders using the same warehouse staffing levels. On-time shipments hit 97%, while costs were slashed 61% YoY.
Law Firm Improves Case Turnaround
20% While Reducing Headcount
  1. Situation: At a major law firm, casing grinding to a halt as associates struggled to keep up with discovery document reviews. High turnover exacerbated backlogs.
  2. Our AI Automation Solution: We implemented AI algorithms to speed through document collections and surface only relevant items. This automated the most tedious discovery tasks.
  3. Results: Case completion improved by 20%, while discovery time was cut by 35%. Headcount was reduced 32% through automation as fewer associates were needed.
Financial Services Company Uncovers
10X More Insights from Data
  1. Situation: A wealth management firm sought to improve investment advice using client data. But analysts lacked bandwidth to process all the data and find useful patterns.
  2. Our AI Automation Solution: We deployed machine learning algorithms to rapidly analyze millions of records, uncovering correlations between behaviors, outcomes, and optimal actions.
  3. Results: The AI automation surfaced 10X more insights than human analysts. Clients received better investment recommendations driving portfolio growth 11% faster.
Healthcare System Decreases Claim
Processing Times by 62%
  1. Situation: Due to outdated systems and insufficient staffing, a nonprofit healthcare provider took upwards of 90 days to process claims. This resulted in payment delays and mounting A/R backlogs.
  2. Our AI Automation Solution: We implemented RPA bots to take over claim adjudication workflows. The bots processed forms, validated information, and resolved discrepancies in a fraction of the time.
  3. Results: Within 2 months, claim processing times dropped by 62%. Backlogs were eliminated, late payments declined 72%, and collections increased by $50 million.
Global Restaurant Chain Rolls Out
Conversational AI to All 5,000 Locations
  1. Situation: A fast food chain relied on teenage workers in each store to manage drive-thru orders. But growth plans would make staffing every location prohibitively expensive.
  2. Our AI Solution: We created a conversational AI to automate drive-thru ordering. The AI interface could take complex orders, upsell customers, and resolve issues reliably.
  3. Results: The AI replaced 3 FTEs per store by handling the drive-thru solo. As the brand expanded, each new location was cashflow positive right away without added labor.
Call Center AI Bots Improve
Customer Satisfaction 29%
  1. Situation: Long wait times and inconsistent service at a telecom call center led to poor CX and frequent customer churn. Adding more agents couldn’t fix the issue.
  2. Our AI Solution: We implemented conversational AI bots to take over tier-1 support functions. This optimized routing and offloaded repetitive inquiries.
  3. Results: CX satisfaction scores rose 29%. Call volume per agent decreased 22%. First call resolution hit 92% with faster, more accurate AI support.
Apparel Brand Doubles Online
Sales with AI-Powered Curation
  1. Situation: A national apparel retailer sought to double online revenue. But their e-commerce team struggled to manual merchandise products and create compelling looks.
  2. Our AI Solution: We built machine learning algorithms that could dynamically curate products into complete outfits suitable for each customer. This provided personalized recommendations at scale.
  3. Results: Online conversion rates increased 59% as customers engaged with curated looks vs. raw products. Online sales hit targets two quarters early, topping 102% of past sales.
Global Hotel Chain Saves $120M Annually
by Automating Staff Scheduling
  1. Situation: A hospitality group struggled with high labor costs stemming from inefficient employee scheduling and excess staffing during low-occupancy periods.
  2. Our AI Solution: We implemented an AI-powered system to dynamically forecast occupancy and optimize staffing needs hour-by-hour. This automated complex scheduling across all locations.
  3. Results: The hotelier reduced labor costs by $120M in the first year. The scheduling AI saved the equivalent of 11,000 administrative hours annually.
Software Company Cuts Customer Onboarding Time
by 50% with Guided Experiences
  1. Situation: Lengthy manual onboarding processes were causing high churn among new customers of a SaaS platform. Support teams couldn’t provide enough hand holding.
  2. Our AI Solution: We built guided AI walkthroughs that customized the onboarding experience for each user. This provided automated, personalized coaching tailored to their needs.
  3. Results: New customers were productively using the software within 1 week versus 4 weeks previously. Churn fell 22% while adoption rose 29% with the AI onboarding.
Insurance Provider Digitizes Claims Processing
Saving $25M Annually
  1. Situation: An insurance company still relied on paper forms and manual data entry for claims processing. This resulted in high costs, long turnarounds, and frequent errors.
  2. Our AI Solution: We implemented document AI to automatically classify, extract and digitize data from claims forms as they were received. This eliminated tedious manual work.
  3. Results: Claims processing costs were reduced by $25M per year. Turnaround times dropped from 15 days to 24 hours. Customer satisfaction improved as claims were settled rapidly.
Construction Company Cuts Project Management Costs
72% with AI Site Coordination
  1. Situation: Surging construction costs stemming from human project managers coordinating complex, interdependent tasks across crews at job sites.
  2. Our AI Solution: We built an intelligent site coordinator to optimize schedules, assignments, and logistics moment to moment. This automated oversight of all workers and events.
  3. Results: Projects began coming in 12% under budget and 9% faster.Indirect management costs were reduced 72% by replacing most PM headcount with intelligent automation.
Retailer Increases Competitiveness with
Micro-Targeted Promotions
  1. Situation: A retailer wanted to optimize promotions vs. mass discounts. But staff lacked bandwidth to analyze data and tailor offers by microsegments.
  2. Our AI Solution: We implemented a real-time promotion engine that curated personalized offers for each customer tailored to their purchase history and preferences.
  3. Results: Conversion rates on promotions rose 29%. Overall promotional costs decreased 35% as offers were tailored versus one-size-fits-all. The AI delivered micro-targeting at scale.
Pharmaceutical Company Brings New
Drugs to Market 47% Faster
  1. Situation: A biopharma firm sought to accelerate clinical trials and drug development. But overwhelmed research teams caused delays at each step of the process.
  2. Our AI Solution: We automated complex molecular simulations, data analysis, and report writing using natural language generation algorithms. This boosted R&D productivity 5x.
  3. Results: By automating repetitive R&D tasks, the company reduced clinical trial timelines by 47%. New drug application approvals doubled within 1 year.
University Expands Enrollment 10x
While Cutting Administrative Costs 61%
  1. Situation: Surging demand was forcing a university to turn away qualified applicants. But hiring enough staff to manage 10x more students was cost-prohibitive.
  2. Our AI Solution: We built virtual assistants to automate student advising, enrollment, class scheduling, and finances. This allowed managing 10x more workflow with the same staff.
  3. Results: Within 2 semesters after launching the AI, the university doubled enrollment to 10,000 students with no added admin hires. Operational costs dropped 61%.
Tech Unicorn Quintuples Customer
Support Capacity Overnight
  1. Situation: A fast-scaling SaaS startup saw wait times spike as support staff couldn’t keep pace with 5x YoY customer growth.
  2. Our AI Solution: We rapidly deployed a conversational AI chatbot to absorb routine inquiries and resolve common issues for customers. This boosted capacity immediately.
  3. Results: Within 30 days, the AI chatbot resolved 45% of all support tickets automatically. Average resolution time fell from 42 hours to <2 hours for remaining tickets.
Nonprofit Doubles Number of Senior
Citizens Serviced with AI Assistants
  1. Situation: A nonprofit providing services to senior citizens lacked the caregivers and resources to meet surging demand. Waitlists to receive assistance were growing rapidly.
  2. Our AI Solution: We built personalized AI avatars for seniors that helped remind them to take medications, provided companionship, monitored safety at home, and summoned help if needed 24/7.
  3. Results: Each AI assistant multiplied a caregiver’s capacity 10x by taking over routine tasks. The nonprofit doubled seniors serviced within 6 months without adding personnel.
Oil & Gas Leader Avoids $650M in Equipment
Downtime Through Predictive Maintenance
  1. Situation: Unexpected drilling rig downtime was costing an energy company $45M per year. But proactive manual inspections to identify problems early were unfeasible.
  2. Our AI Solution: We installed sensors and AI algorithms to monitor equipment remotely and predict failures before occurring. This optimized maintenance.
  3. Results: With AI predictive maintenance, the company reduced rig downtime by 98% within 12 months, avoiding $650M in lost productivity worth over 10,000 hours of effort.
Measurable Outcomes for Industry Leaders
Measurable Outcomes for Industry Leaders

Here are just a few powerful examples of the results our clients across manufacturing, retail, financial services, and other industries realize through comprehensive AI automation:

AI Enables Major Retailer to Scale
Order Fulfillment Without Adding Headcount
  1. Situation: Surging online demand was overwhelming fulfillment centers. Significant hiring would still require expansive facilities.
  2. Solution: Deployed AI automation to optimize workflows, inventory, picking, packing, shipping.
  3. Results: 2X increase in fulfillment capacity without adding staff. Enabled peak volume handling within existing infrastructure.
Leading Bank Automates 90% of
Customer Service Requests
  1. Situation: Call volume was up 400% YoY. Wait times averaged over 60 minutes, frustrating customers.
  2. Solution: AI chatbots and automation handle routine inquiries, account management, payments.
  3. Results: 57% drop in call volume. 92% resolution rate for AI systems. Wait times reduced to under 20 seconds.
AI Helps Industrial Manufacturer Triple
Production Volume With No Added Headcount
  1. Situation: Demand was rising rapidly. Expanding workforce could not keep pace.
  2. Solution: Added AI quality inspection, inventory management, predictive maintenance, and automation.
  3. Results: 200% increase in production capacity. Zero new hires needed. Savings of $58 million in labor costs.
Insurance Provider Automates Policy Management –
Slashes Processing Times by 82%
  1. Situation: Policy admin took an average of 45 days and thousands of manual hours.
  2. Solution: AI systems now fully automate application review, underwriting, policy issuance.
  3. Results: Policy processing done in less than 1 week. 8x faster. Half the admin workforce redeployed to other areas.
10 Mind-Blowing Case Studies
Showcasing the Power of AI Automation
Medical Tech Company Automates Entire Accounting Department –
Reduces Headcount by 70% while Improving Accuracy to 99.997%
  • 70% reduction in accounting staff
  • Invoice processing time cut from 21 days to 24 hours
  • Billing and reporting accuracy improved to 99.997%
  • Accounts receivable collection rates rose from 83% to 98%
Optimized invoicing, AR, AP, expense auditing, financial reporting, and other processes through AI automation. Systems now handle the workload equivalent of over 200 accountants with virtually no errors.
Global Retailer Uses AI to Manage 1.3 Million
Inbound Customer Inquiries Per Month
  • 92% resolution rate for customer inquiries
  • Call volume decreased by 1 million per month
  • Improved sales 14% by converting callers to buyers
AI chatbots and automated workflows handle product questions, account support, order status inquiries and other frequent requests. Enabled reassignment of thousands of call center agents to drive revenue growth.
Leading Insurer Leverages AI to Cut Policy Processing
Time From 39 Hours to Just Minutes
  • New policies issued in less than 5 minutes
  • 60x faster processing speed
  • Call volume decreased by 1.2 million per year
  • Loss ratio reduced by 4% through improved underwriting
Automated application evaluation, risk analysis, approval workflows, policy creation. Virtual agents also provide customer support. Massive efficiency improvements while also improving risk modeling.
AI Systems Help Scale Up Manufacturing
at Aerospace Company by 235%
  • Production capacity increased 235%
  • Quality improvement – defects reduced from 2.3% to 0.004%
  • 53% higher throughput with no added headcount
  • Labor cost savings of over $68 million
AI optimized inventory, quality testing, predictive maintenance, and production scheduling. Also automated manufacturing processes and robotics. Unlocked massive efficiency and scale improvements.
University Leverages AI to eliminate $22 Million
in Administrative Costs
  • Reduced administrative staff by 74%
  • Decreased operating costs by $22 million per year
  • Automated student services savings – $3.2 million
  • Financial aid processing time cut from 28 days to 1 day
AI systems automated admissions, registrar, financial aid, facilities, IT support and other workflows. Better student service levels at a fraction of traditional administrative costs.
Law Firm Deploys AI to Streamline
Case Management, Document Processing
  • Client case overviews created 70% faster
  • 24x faster legal discovery process
  • Improved legal outcomes/insights through data analysis
  • Junior lawyer productivity +35% via research automation
Automated case file management, document discovery and review, research, contract analysis. AI analyzes case data to guide lawyer strategies. Massive time and efficiency improvements.
Oil & Gas Company Uses AI to Optimize Supply Chain –
Reduces Procurement Costs By $830 Million
  • $830 million in cost savings
  • Automated Requisitions & POs – 45% faster
  • Inventory management costs down 62%
  • Production downtime cut by 11 days per year
AI systems optimized procurement, logistics, inventory planning, maintenance scheduling. Enabled just-in-time accuracy resulting in huge cost reductions.
Software Firm Improves Customer Support
Performance 20x Through AI Automation
  • Ticket resolution time reduced from 42 hours to under 2 hours
  • 24×7 support availability
  • Customer satisfaction improved from 68% to 98%
  • Level 1 team productivity rose by 3x
AI bots provide instant self-service for common issues. Automated triage, categorization and L1 ticket resolution improved quality and speed. Augmented support teams with data.
Financial Services Call Center Handles 5 Million
More Inbound Requests Without Adding Headcount
  • Increased inbound call capacity by 5 million/year
  • Shortened call wait times by 38%
  • Improved sales conversion rate from 6.5% to 15%
  • Reduced call abandonment rates by 27%
AI automation absorbed massive spike in call volume. Virtual agents handle common requests freeing representatives to drive revenue. Enabled major service improvements at scale with existing team.
Global Bank Achieves 90% Straight Through
Processing of Retail Banking Requests
  • 90% fully automated processing of deposits, payments, transfers
  • Call volume decreased by 2.5 million per year
  • Digital channel cost per request cut from $1.67 to $0.09
  • Improved customer satisfaction to 93%
AI chatbots and process automation absorb routine digital banking requests. Reduced call center burden. Saved millions annually in reduced human support costs.
Eliminate the Burdens of Manual Labor
While Achieving 10x Productivity
Humans work limited hours, get tired, require significant management resources, and inevitably make errors. Not our AI workforce.
  • 24/7 productivity – Our AI automation tech never sleeps, operates around the clock
  • Scales on demand – AI systems can handle double, triple, 10x the workload without missing a beat.
  • No errors – AI eliminates human mistakes and boosts quality to over 99.99%.
  • Minimal oversight – The systems manage themselves, learn continuously, and produce insights/reporting.
  • Rapid ROI – Our clients typically achieve full cost recovery within 6-12 months as expenses plunge while production scales exponentially.
By leveraging our AI automation, businesses shed traditional human labor costs, while unlocking productivity equivalent to 10,000 or more highly trained employees.
Are You Ready to Unlock the Benefits
of a Fully Automated Workforce?
The pressure has never been higher to curb runaway labor costs while meeting today’s business demands. AI automation enables enterprises to achieve the former without sacrificing the latter.
As the leading provider of AI solutions, we’ve helped organizations across 100+ industries implement automated workforces that deliver extreme productivity at ultra-low costs – the equivalent of 10,000+ employees for a fraction of human wages.
To learn more about partnering with us, see quantifiable results achieved by our clients, and discover how we can launch your fully automated future, contact us today.
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